Salads Menu - Good Morning Cafe - Camarillo CA

The Wedge

A generous wedge of crisp iceberg lettuce topped with bacon and blue cheese
crumbles , tomatoes and creamy blue cheese dressing

Taco Salad

Ground beef or chicken, tomatoes, guacamole. shredded cheese and sour cream all
served on fresh greens in a crisp torti lla shell with cilantro ranch dressing

Chicken Caesar Salad

Chunks of tender white chicken over crisp romaine lettuce topped with Freshly
grated parmesan cheese and tossed with caesar dressing

Spinach Berry Salad

Sliced chicken breast. caramelized walnuts, fresh strawberries and blueberries served
on a bed of tender spinach leaves tossed with homemade balsamic dressing

Pineapple Boat

A fresh pineapple half hollowed and filled with Fresh seasonal fruit and cottage
cheese or sherbet served on top


All Salads served with Crostini Bread (except Taco Salad)

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