Bacon and Egg BreakfastBacon and eggs is the classic American breakfast. Add some potatoes and toast and you’ve got a quintessential morning meal nearly everyone favors.

Bacon has been a staple in our diet since the days of the Pilgrims. But how did it get paired with the ubiquitous egg?

Meet the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays. He was a man of many accomplishments who understood people and knew how to get them to buy a product or an idea.

Sometime in the 1920s, the Beech-Nut Packing Company, producers of everything from pork products to bubble gum, approached Bernays to help them increase consumer demand for bacon.

After some forethought, Bernays turned to a staff doctor asking if a heavier breakfast – like bacon and eggs – might be more beneficial to people’s health. The doctor concurred with Bernays supposition, and to bolster his opinion, the physician conducted a ‘study’ by writing to 5,000 of his fellow doctors asking them to validate this as well.

This so-called ‘study’ touting a Bacon and Eggs breakfast was then published in major newspapers and magazines to great success, thereby making bacon and eggs a favorite breakfast meal.

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